Complete Technology Solutions.

We help make a difference

We help make a difference

Quantum’s ability to deliver cutting edge solutions that address the challenges facing our post pandemic world are designed to be able to deliver to all sizes of business.

Whether you are a Multi-National or an SME we can provide and end to end design or simply plug one aspect of our services into your existing resource

Quantum strives to provide its expertise at a price point that enables businesses to leverage our capabilities without having to budget for the cost of traditional delivery models.

We deploy unique, custom-built solutions to give our customers competitive edge

Working across multiple industries are experienced in delivering simple solutions to complex problems.

Our services encompass the full spectrum of technology stacks and can be deployed as an end to end solution or project based as your needs dictate.

Some of our Markets

Armed Forces, Manufacturing, Cyber defence, Security, Government 

Banking, Insurance, Fintech, Blockchain, Governance and Compliance, Audit, Security, capital Markets

Building, Civil engineering, 

Heavy Engineering, Mass Production, Design, Software, Distribution

Production, Dealer Networks, Software Development, API’s, Supply Chain

Gas, Electricity, Water, Billing, Exploration, Renewables, R&D

Defence, Aeronautical, Systems, Design, Ticketing, Apps, Safety & Control

Software, Infrastructure, Cloud, Security, Design, Testing, DevOps


Deloitte provides audit, tax, consulting and corporate finance services to public and private clients spanning multiple industries

Case Study: Deloitte

Video and Audio Analytics Tool


Building a web based application that can detect the contents, emotions, characteristics and compliance rules of a video or an audio file.

Our Solution

Built an asynchronous data pipeline

  • to process audios and videos using Asyncio and OpenCV
  • to store data in a MongoDB database
  • to run a machine learning system that deploys a range of custom models including NLP on text data (Word2Vec), classification models and neural networks in TensorFlow to provide image recognition
  • a front end application in the Django framework to demo the results

Why Work With US


Our business model enables our customers to deploy as much or as little as required dependent on their individual needs. Whilst we can provide a complete design and build service we are also able to compliment your existing infrastructure to provide cost effective short term resource.

Customer Focus

Our desire to provide world leading customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Providing value and the desired outcome drive our approach to technology and people. We recognise that no matter how clever the technology we use, this is a people business.


Our group structure enables us to be fleet of foot in responding to customer needs whilst remaining flexible and innovative in our approach to crafting solutions. . For us Agile is a state of mind not just a process.

Single Supplier

Our product set allows customers to address business needs as one holistic package where joined up delivery is through a single point of contact. Be it software development or talent acquisition there is no longer a need to use multiple suppliers.

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