About Us

Quantum by Q represents the collective capabilities and services of the QGroup which range from Big Data to Design and build.

We focus on providing cutting edge technology solutions to solve complex business solutions on a Pan-European basis and can scale our offerings and price points to provide real value to both multinationals and smaller enterprises in a way more traditional technology providers find difficult.

Quantum is the sales & marketing Umbrella for the QGroup

Headquartered in Sweden, QGroup is a rapidly expanding group of consulting companies that deliver bespoke IT services

Our success comes from questioning the status quo, challenging the old truths and by providing cost effective solutions to real world business challenges

Not only do we provide technical and development services within the group we also have businesses devoted to marketing and recruitment which work holistically with our clients to compliment product delivery and enhance revenues and productivity.



Delivery Staff

Why work with us

We speak one language

One common language unites us and that’s the relentless desire to provide our customers with the best possible solutions and outcomes regardless of the size and scope of the project.  

Global Delivery - Local Presence

With office locations across Europe, Asia and the Americas we are able to bring local market knowledge to product development as well enjoying the intellectual benefits of a multi-cultural organisation


Not only do we think out of thee box when solving business challenges we also think differently about how we provide the human resource required to fulfil project requirements. We maintain an extensive number of developers, engineers and test experts ‘On-the-bench’ in order to be able to provide project resource at short notice. 

Bite Size Chunks

Whilst we offer an end to end consult, design, build and deploy service we understand that not all companies need a complete solution. Sometime it’s only necessary to plug an existing gap, or add capability to see an existing project through to completion. Our entire philosophy is based upon taking as much or as little of our service set as either budget or need dictates.